What is SMART Video Marketing?

If you want your videos to be “Smart” they need to have three primary components:

  • A defined and clear purpose
  • A specific person they’re talking to, and
  • Provide a solution to the problem your clients are facing

90% of Customers Say Videos Are Helpful in the Buying Decision Process!

And the MOST IMPORTANT factor in that percentage is how SMART your videos are…



No video should ever be created in a vacuum. It MUST have a clearly defined purpose… Whether that’s to encourage the viewer to call for an appointment, or to click on a link and download a valuable PDF. Video without purpose is merely entertainment!



Your videos MUST be communicating the right message to the right audience in order to have any impact. If your video is talking about creating wedding memories with a valuable photo session but is being shown to 50 year-old divorcees with no children, you’ve got a problem. 



Finally, really SMART VIDEOS provide viewers with valuable information they’ve been searching for. Answering their questions, solving their problems, providing real value in exchange for their time spent watching your video. Dominate your market by providing FREE solutions!

Do You Want to Know What’s Even Better
at Attracting The Right Customers and Clients???

Videos that are INTERACTIVE!

As powerful as video is, and as much as we love it, it is one-size-fits-all content. It’s a passive viewing experience, and people are no longer a passive audience. We’ve become a global population of interactive users.

Consumers expect to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to gathering knowledge and information. Tapping, touching, and swiping through our day is now the norm. However, passively consuming content, be it video or otherwise, no longer fits our needs when looking for information about your products and services.


The competition for your audience’s mental bandwidth is always growing. Interactive video, which drives up to three times more engagement than traditional video, offers a way to stand out.


Interaction gives viewers CONTROL, creating relevance for the viewer. It’s not simply about attracting eyeballs and fun. Instead, interactive video drives specific actions along a guided customer journey.


By presenting the viewer with decision points and options within the video, your customers can be guided in the direction toward their solution. This creates a WIN – WIN solution for you and your customers


For a fun EXAMPLE of what's possible with Interactive Video, watch this video from Warner Bros.!

While this video was created by one of the largest video consulting companies in the world, and with a budget of several thousand dollars, you can use it to get your creative juices going for your video project. We’ve included examples of Interactive Videos more realistic for a typical small local business client in our gallery below.

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Interactive Marketing Videos

Fun, Interactive Scratch Card Videos

For the ultimate in engaging your customers, you can’t beat a digital scratch card! These cards are guaranteed to generate engagement and interaction with your offers, helping to bond customers to your brand.

Easy to use and flexible to design, digital scratch cards can take on any form you can imagine. Offer a single product with multiple discounts, or multiple offers with a single discount… the choice is yours.

However you choose to set them up, your customers will have fun! Enjoying your “unexpected marketing approach” all the way to the check out counter.

To Have Your Own Interactive Scratch Card Created...

Simple Handyman Services

This is an example of how a very short decision tree can help direct your customers down different paths. You’ll also see how easy it is to capture contact information and deliver an offer at the end. In the background, you’re also able to track and re-target your prospects based on which services they were interested in.

Breakfast Cafe

This is a good example of multiple branches with unique video content for each branch. This technique allows you to offer the most individualized conversations with your viewers. As in the Handyman demo, you’re also capturing your viewers information in order to send them a discount offer or reward.


Facebook Cover Videos

This Facebook cover video was created for our own agency to promote our messenger marketing/chat bot service. We’re talking to business owners about communicating with their customers with a call to action to message our page via the Send Message button on our business Facebook page.

This Facebook cover video was a bit unique in that the business it was created for wasn’t even open yet. So the purpose was to introduce the opening of this medispa coming up in a couple months and was addressed to anyone interested in beauty in the Wollongong area. With the business not open, there was no call to action.

Video Ads

16:9 In-feed Format

4:5 In-feed Format

1:1 In-feed Format

Website Videos

Introducing BRILLIANT Videos!

Do Your Customers Speak

Marketers have know for a long time that non-English-speaking audiences prefer to consume digital material in their native tongue. Now, with over 20% of the US population comprised of people who speak, read, and SEARCH in a language other than English, it’s even more important for local businesses like yours to include this overlooked audience in your marketing efforts.

This is especially important if you’re wanting to intentionally serve a section of your community that speaks a different language. Videos that deliver your message in multiple languages are not only SMART, they’re BRILLIANT!

Subtitled & Translated Videos

This is the original website video we created for Waters Moving and Storage in Martinez, CA. This video has been hosted on both their website and their YouTube channel.

This is the original video with Spanish subtitles. The video plays normally in the background but the translation is synced to the English voice playing in the background.

This is the English version of an advertisement run for a birthday campaign by a restaurant in Mexico. They had a large expat community so wanted to market to both locals and gringos.

This is the Spanish version of the same video used in the ads specifically targeting Spanish speakers in the neighborhoods surrounding the restaurant.